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Vado products 10% cheaper until 31st March 2017 !

From 16th of January 2017 up to 31st March 2017
All Vado products will be 10% cheaper

Between 16/1/17 and 31/3/17 all Vado prices are 10% cheaper than RRP
From the 16th of January 2017, Intuition bathrooms introduces a new promotion for all products from Vado's current offer. The promotion lasts until the end of March. In that period we offer Vado products 10% lower than the current price list

Vado withdrw Soho, Tonic and Atom ranges check out more below
At the beginning of 2017, Vado updated their product range, withdrawing the whole SOHO, TONIC, and ATOM ranges, plus selected items in other product ranges.

All these changes can be checked in the new
updated version of the Vado product
and price list below.

Prices haven't increased. 
The new version can be downloaded below

New caps for sinks and bath Waste Systems 

Existing caps taps are replaced with a single, universal plug of adjustable length. The new cap can be used for sinks with overflow and without overflow.
Retail price149,00 zł VAT.

There are already new versions of bath drainage sets. Versions without filling are available at the price of 255,00 zł VAT, while with filling the price is  419,00 zł (plug click-clack) and 519,00 zł (cork automatic). 

Greenhome Design natural finish taps promotion

We invite you to come and see the beautiful range of Greenhome design taps, in a range of wooden natural finishes, the range currently has a 20% discount
until 31st March 2017. 

You can see more of Greenhome designs products here 


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