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Commercial buildings need bathrooms and toilets too !

Intuition Bathrooms offers effective wash
and bathroom solutions for commerical premises

Toilet Cubicles by Rearo
More about Rearo's toilet cubicles here 

Intuition Bathrooms doesn't just supply domestic bathrooms, but also bathrooms, washrooms and toilets for commercial buildings 

Hotels, Guest houses, offices, restaurants, shops and real estate develoments, and more are catered for by our wide range of suppliers. Our suppliers offer cost effective ways to create new bath or washrooms from new to a design scheme or as part of a hotel or office block or restaurant renovation. Toilet, urinals, basins, showers, baths, taps, can all be specified in bulk and coverings can be made to order. 

Rearo's Selki board and Versa Tile wall coverings
For those needing a quick and dramatic change, our supplier Rearo specialises in wall coverings and construction of toilet stalls. Selkie board is a top to floor wall covering, whilst Versatile mimics the look of ceramic tiling, but is a durable wall covering. These are tailor made and available in many colours and textures, enabling the bath and washroom to fit in with your development design scheme or business premises colour palette. You can see more abour Rearo's Selkie board here . More information about Versatile is here

Aquaeco offers a cost effective solution for urinals, basins, baths, taps for female, male and disabled washrooms and kitchens. Long lasting with water and energy saving devices as well as safety features. Aquaeco offers anti scald devices, hidden cistern systems, water saving systems, along with top quality porcelain, and stainless steel wear. 

Roman Showers Walk in Glass shower
In today's modern world where many cycle to work, Roman Showers, affords modern buildings the chance to provide showers for guests and cyclists. Walk in or cabins with doors. basins and shower fittings, all provided at project commercial prices for bulk orders. Roman Showers offers solutions for all spaces

See the whole Roman Showers range here 
Vogue UK heated towel rails and radiators
Vogue UK offer a heating and towel drying solution with a variable offer of heated towel racks and radiators for wash and bathroom spaces, ensuring spaces stay warm in winter and dry as well. You can find our more about Vogue UK's excellent range here

Croydex bulk order Bathroom accesories

For bulk orders, Croydex offer a real bathroom accesories solution, allowing clients to specify colours, styles and sets to match across each bathroom in your development. For more details about Croydex's wide and varied offer please click here  

Rearo Toilet Cubicles

Intuition Bathrooms, of course can offer all the technical unseen parts to a washroom as well, you just need to tell us what you need and how many. Whether its drain covers or waterstop or plumbing installations, we can supply it.

Of course all of the products we offer are available for commercial projects if ordered in bulk, and the prices offered reflect those bulk orders. The ranges above are just those most pertinent in our opinion to commercial premises and real estate. If you see an item or a range in our website which interests you, please don't hesitate to ask our team for a quote.
Intuition Bathrooms' commercial team, can help you as a designer or architect to specify equipment for the whole building. Equipment with high durability, modern style, colours and at a reasonable price. Just contact us to arrange a meeting to specity your washrooms, kitchens, toilets, and showers, for your hotel, restaurant or office. 
Please contact us via phone, message on social media or email or pop in to our showroom in Warsaw . 


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